Scratchpay.info is your destination for resources related to offering Scratchpay in your clinic.  You can learn more on how Scratchpay worksorder suppliesget in touch with our support team, and join a webinar.


HOW scratchpay works


The Basics Of Scratchpay

Using Scratchpay should be straightforward and save time for everyone involved.  Clients apply at scratchpay.com. Once they accept a payment option, your clinic receives a confirmation email.  After you've worked with the animal, you let us know the final amount used via your Scratchpay Dashboard, and we send the funds through Direct Deposit to your bank account.

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How to sign up a client

Clients simply visit scratchpay.com on a computer, tablet, or phone and click “Find A Payment Plan” to start the application.

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Dashboard Tutorial

The dashboard is an essential tool for clinics offering Scratchpay. It is where clinics finalize client’s bills, print settlements, update emails, request loan extensions, refunds, and more. This overview will go over how to finalize a loan and other features available in the dashboard.


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