Explaining Scratchpay

When a client applies for Scratchpay, is there an effect on their credit score?

Checking to see what a client qualifies for will not affect their credit score. If they sign the promissory note for one of Scratchpay’s 12 or 24 month plans, one hard credit inquiry will be made. The 3 month invoice option never has a hard inquiry.


What will my client see when they apply for Scratchpay?

They will see all plans for which they qualify, or if they do not qualify, they will receive a denial notice. Please note that while we do our best to approve as many clients as possible, not all clients will qualify for all (or any) plan types.


My client says they were denied, and they want to know why. What do I say?

To protect the client's privacy, we cannot tell your practice why the client was declined. We do send every declined applicant an email explaining the decision. There is also contact information on that email that the client may use to obtain more information on our decision.


My client hit the “Accept and Submit” button, but I don’t see their plan in my dashboard?

There is a chance that your client potentially selected the wrong clinic/ practice in their application. Please email or call our support team, and they will help you locate the plan:

* Email: support@scratchpay.com

* Phone: 855-727-2395


What are the differences between Scratchpay and other options for financing?

A few key things that set us apart from other options for your clients:

* No hard credit check to see what they qualify for – this is different from most other options on the market.

* Scratchpay is not a credit card product - we're a loan product. Diversifying the types of financial products a client has can ultimately be beneficial to one's credit score in the long term.

* Some of the highest customer satisfaction in the game! Our Net Promoter Score (common measure of customer satisfaction) for your clients is higher than 95% of Fortune 500 companies!

* Digital-first solution - no paperwork, no problems. Your client can manage their entire loan without paperwork or need to go out and purchase stamps to mail something to us.