Scratchpay Dashboard Tutorial

Dashboard Overview:

The dashboard is an essential tool for clinics offering Scratchpay. It is where clinics finalize client’s bills, print settlements, update emails, request loan extensions, refunds, and more. This overview will go over how to finalize a loan and other features available in the dashboard.

How to access the dashboard:

  • As a Scratchpay partner clinic, you can access your dashboard by clicking through the link provided in the confirmation emails, or you can go to There are no username or passwords at Scratchpay.

How to finalize a loan:

  • Finalizing a loan is as simple as typing in the final bill into the “Funds Used” column and clicking “Finalize”. The client will disappear from the “Action Required” tab and can be found in the “Finalized Loans” tab.

To finalize a loan, just type in the final bill and click “FINALIZE.” The loan will disappear from the “Action Required” Tab

How to request an extension:

  • A loan is open for 7 days, but it can be extended up to an additional 7 days through the dashboard. Just click on the gear icon on that specific client’s line item and a “Request for Extension” pop up will appear. If you forget to request an extension, the loan will appear in the “Rejected/Expired Loans” tab.

How to change the final bill amount:

  • Even if a loan is finalized, you can still change the final amount (if it was finalized for the wrong amount, if the client wants to use the additional funds they were approved for, if a refund is needed). In the “Finalized Loans” tab, there is a gear icon. If clicked, a “Request for Change Amount” form pops up. Just let us know what the final amount is supposed to be. Our support team approves requests to change amount within 24 hours.

How to print settlements or daily statements:

  • Scratchpay sends the clinic monthly statements, but if you need to print daily statements or you want a total settlement of every transaction, you can do both of these in the dashboard by filtering for the date(s) you are looking for, and clicking the ‘print’ button at the bottom of the page. Printing a settlement does not include any test transactions (Johnathan Consumer) that the clinic may have done.

How to manage emails:

  • In the dashboard, you can manage the emails that receive confirmation emails. In the upper right of the dashboard, there is a menu button with the option “Manage/Add Emails”.

How to Reject a loan:

  • If a client decides not to use the funds they have been approved for, you can ‘reject’ their loan in the dashboard. Rejecting a loan is just finalizing the loan for $0. A rejected loan will disappear from the “Action Required” tab and will appear in the “Rejected/Expired Loans” tab.