The Basics of Scratchpay


Using Scratchpay should be straightforward and save time for everyone involved.  Clients apply at Once they accept a payment option, your clinic receives a confirmation email.  After you've worked with the animal, you let us know the final amount used via your Scratchpay Dashboard, and we send the funds through Direct Deposit to your bank account. It is that simple.

Step One: Client application

Clients apply at on their smartphone, tablet, or computer.  It does not affect their credit score to see which payment plans they can qualify for.

The application begins on

The application begins on

Your client is presented with their payment options

Your client is presented with their payment options


Step Two: Confirmation email

As soon as a client accepts a payment option, your clinic receives a confirmation email.  This email is your notification that these funds are guaranteed, and you can begin working on the animal immediately.  Once you know the final bill, you can go to your dashboard to finalize the loan. There are no user names or passwords with Scratchpay. You can access your dashboard through the confirmation emails or by going to

Example of a confirmation email

Step Three: Finalize the loan and get paid!

Your clinic's dashboard is where you go to finalize open payments as well as view a history of your past payments through Scratchpay.  Finalizing a payment only requires that you enter the final bill amount in the 'Funds Used' column then click 'Finalize' on the right.  Once you've done this the funds will be sent to payment processing and settle into your bank account in three business days.

(Click Here to watch video on the Dashboard)

“Action Required” tab shows open loans, while “Finalized Loans” tab shows finalized ones