Support Scratchpay and Start Earning!

Thank you for your interest in Scratchpay’s vet-2-vet referral program!

Start earning now with three simple steps:

Step 1 — To join Scratchpay’s vet-2-vet referral program, fill out this 3-question sign up form. We will create your unique referral link and send it to you within 24 hours.

Step 2 — Distribute your unique link to anyone whose clinic you think would benefit from offering Scratchpay: you can share your link on Facebook, email it or even text it!

Step 3 — That’s it! Sit back, relax and start earning. Whenever a clinic that you helped sign up finalizes their first Scratchpay transaction, you’ll earn $50! Once a month, we’ll run a report and make payouts accordingly.

We know what you’re thinking…“This seems really simple…how do you track the clinics that I refer?”

Whenever someone clicks on your unique referral link, a cookie will be stored on their device. The cookie will live on that device for 90 days, after which time it will expire. PLEASE NOTE: this cookie will not be shared or otherwise used in any way that does not directly relate to tracking and facilitating your referral commission payouts.

Every time a new clinic is signed up for Scratchpay using a device with a cookie related to your unique link, it will be recorded in our database.

If that clinic finalizes at least one (1) Scratchpay transaction while their cookie is active,

you’ll earn FIFTY DOLLARS.

Get started now by filling out the 3-question sign up form in Step 1. It is that simple!

Still have questions? Please read our vet-2-vet program Terms & Conditions.

More questions? Please call Neil Stanga, VP of Marketing at 703-927-4761.

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