FAQ Page

Please see the below FAQs grouped into 3 different topics: “Getting Started With Scratchpay”, “Using Scratchpay”, and “Explaining Scratchpay to Clients”.


Getting started with Scratchpay

What is Scratchpay?

We’re a veterinary-specific company that has been around since 2016, and we currently provide 3,500+ clinics an easy way to care for more patients via client payment plans. Simply put: we provide your clients payment plans to finance their veterinary care, and we pay your practice up front via direct deposit.

Can our practice use Scratchpay in my state or country?

Scratchpay is licensed to provide payment plan services in all 50 U.S. states and in every province in Canada (except for Quebec).

What Payment Options Does ScratchPay Offer?

At present, we offer 3 different payment options. Please note that not all clients will qualify for all plans, but we do our best to approve the most clients for your clinic:

  • Pay Later Plan - 3 month, 0% APR offer
  • Pay Over Time Plans – 12 month plan and 24 month plan, with interest rates varying by client

Are There Any Clinic Fees That Our Practice Must Pay To Use ScratchPay?

To sign up for Scratchpay, there are no setup fees or monthly fees, software or hardware installs, or commitments. The only fee Scratchpay ever charges a partner practice is a flat 5% fee on the payment plan total funds used. For example - if a client receives approval for $1000, your practice would be direct deposited $950, and Scratchpay would automatically take the $50 (5% fee) for this transaction. This 5% fee helps us take the risk to extend more funds to more clients. Please see our full Providers Agreement on our legal page for full terms.

How Do I Sign My Practice Up?

We’re excited to have you in the Scratchpay family! Signing up takes less than 5 minutes and can be done here.

Once I Sign Up Our Practice What Happens?

  • Immediately, you will receive an email confirmation that your sign up form has gone through.
  • In 1 – 2 days, you will be receiving a phone call to verify your information on file and you'll need to enter your bank account information via your secure dashboard at this time so you can receive funds. Once you verify your information and link your bank account, you are good to go!
  • In 1 – 2 weeks, you will receive a Launch Box with brochures for your clients and exam room wall stickers that we encourage you to put up.

How Will Clients Know My Practice Offers ScratchPay?

We suggest that you immediately send out an email note to your clients and list us on your website once you receive confirmation that your practice is activated, in addition to putting out the physical materials. You can find more marketing resources here.

Additionally, once you are activated, you will be listed on our "Scratchpay Clinics" search feature page on our website, which will allow clients to proactively see that you accept Scratchpay and apply before they come in.

What Does ScratchPay Offer As Resources To Train Our Staff?

We've tried to make Scratchpay simple enough to where you only need to invest 15 minutes of your precious staff time to learn how to use our system. We have several options for training based on what fits your practice’s needs:

  • If you prefer a live training: visit here and sign up for one of our available times.
  • If you prefer a recorded training: see our ~15 minute webinar here.
  • If you prefer a one-pager training: see here for our one-page guide that can be printed and stored at your front desk for ease-of-reference.

What Do Other Practices Using ScratchPay Have To Say About The Service?

SPCA Tampa Bay Veterinary Center's Hospital Manager says “Thank you for your incredible service. The impact that Scratchpay has had on our business is impressive. The entire process takes very little staff time to manage, and payment is quick and easy.”

Highland Park Animal Hospital's Practice Owner says "Pet parents really like the fact that they can check if they qualify without affecting their credit! The whole program is simpler and less expensive. I highly recommend using Scratchpay.”

Animal Emergency Clinic of San Diego's Practice Owner says “My staff love Scratchpay. The bottom line is the ease of use and how quickly you get an answer. When it’s an emergency situation and the customer needs urgent care for their animal, Scratchpay is the perfect solution!”

If you want to know what Scratchpay partners in your area are saying about us, we recommend you reach out to them and ask!
Click here to see who offers Scratchpay near you.

Why Should Our Practice Make ScratchPay Available To Our Clients?

We have several benefits that set us apart from other options on the market, with some top benefits being:

  • Instant approvals with no hard credit checks for your clients - our application takes ~90 seconds and clients never have their credit score impact just for viewing their rates!
  • High level of support - we have 24/7 phone and email service to provide you with fast answers, and we're always looking for your feedback so we can improve!
  • No paperwork / retained files necessary for your practice - we take care of all of the client verification on your end so you are free to keep focusing on what matters - saving animals' lives!

I’d like to speak with someone before signing up. Who do I contact?

Please set up some time here at your convenience to speak with our team, and we'd be happy to give you a 15 minute walkthrough, plus answer any additional questions you may have.

Using Scratchpay

How Do I Direct A Client To Apply For Scratchpay?

They can text PAY to 213-296-0817 or visit scratchpay.com to begin our 90 second application process. Upon completing the application, they receive an instant approval decision. They can then hit “Agree and Submit” if they wish to use the plan.

Is there any paperwork, ID collection, or similar task required from my staff when a client applies?

No – we take care of all the client validation on our end, so we never require you to gather driver’s licenses’, IDs, or other sensitive information. You are also not required to maintain any records for any specific time period.

How will I know when a client applies for a Scratchpay payment plan?

After a client selects "Agree and Submit", you will receive a notification email instantly. This email will include a link to your dashboard where you may see their plan details and finalize the amount used. If a client applies and is denied funds, unfortunately, we cannot proactively release their information to you in order to protect their privacy.

How do I access my dashboard?

There is no log-in to access your dashboard, only a magic link that directs you securely into your practice’s dashboard. There are two options to access:

  • Visit my.scratchpay.com to enter your dashboard if you have previously accessed the dashboard from that specific computer. We recommend bookmarking the page for quick access.
  • Every time a new client is approved for a loan, you'll see a blue button in your practice confirmation email that says “Finalize XXX’s Loan”. Clicking the button will take you directly into your dashboard.

My client has a certain amount of funds available, but their total invoice was more / less than that amount. What do I do?

  • If the client needs to use less than or equal to the total funds available: That's great! Simply enter the amount used in your dashboard and finalize. They can use leftover funds within the 7 day limit if needed.
  • If the client needs to use more than the funds available: In the client's confirmation email, it will tell them if we can approve additional funding. If we can, the client simply needs to reapply for the additional amount and your team will be notified when they are approved.

How do I request an extension for a payment plan?

On the “Action Required” tab, find the client’s payment plan that needs an extension. All the way to the right of the client record, there will be a gear icon. Click that icon and then give us a bit of detail about why you’d like the extension, and our support team will review and grant the extension within a business day.

Once I confirm a payment plan, when do I receive that direct deposit?

You will receive a direct deposit for the full amount, minus our flat 5% fee, within 2 – 4 business days. On your “Finalized Loans” tab, you can see underneath the “Estimated Settlement Date” column the date that your funds are estimated to hit your bank account.

What happens if a client does not pay back their Scratchpay payment plan?

Once you have finalized a loan, we take on the full responsibility if the client defaults and will never dispute charges for a delinquent client with you! If a client ever disputes a charge with us, then we just request a copy of the invoice with the services provided, and we consider that case closed.

When will I receive monthly accounting statements? What if I need daily or weekly statements?

You will receive monthly account statements, with line-by-line loan records plus a total of your deposits, fees, and overall amount financed. If you’d like weekly or daily records, go to your “Finalized Loan” tab and filter by the date range you’d like records for. Then, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Print” button and select “Print All” to see your settlement. You can then save the file as a PDF or print the statement.

How do I contact the support team if I experience any issues?

Our friendly, understanding representatives are here 7 days a week to help you. We are dedicated to answering your questions by phone or email:

  • Phone: 855-727-2395
    (Mon. - Fri. 6 AM - 5 PM PST)
    (Sat. - Sun. 7AM - 3 PM PST)

  • Email: support@scratchpay.com (24/7)

Explaining Scratchpay to a client

When a client applies for Scratchpay, is there an effect on their credit score?

Checking to see what a client qualifies for will not affect their credit score. If they sign the promissory note for one of Scratchpay’s 12 or 24 month plans, one hard credit inquiry will be made. The 3 month invoice plan never has a hard inquiry.

What will my client see when they apply for Scratchpay?

They will see all plans for which they qualify, or if they do not qualify, they will receive a denial notice. It is important that the client uses their personal information, not your hospital's - otherwise, we can't easily verify their identity and aprrove them for a plan. Please note that while we do our best to approve as many clients as possible, not all clients will qualify for all (or any) plan types.
See what your clients see HERE.

My client says they were denied, and they want to know why. What do I say?

To protect the client's privacy, we cannot tell your practice why the client was declined. We do send every declined applicant an email explaining the decision. There is also contact information on that email that the client may use to obtain more information on our decision.

My client hit the “Accept and Submit” button, but I don’t see their plan in my dashboard?

There is a chance that your client potentially selected the wrong clinic/ practice in their application. Please email or call our support team, and they will help you locate the plan:

  • Email: support@scratchpay.com
  • Phone: 855-727-2395

What are the differences between Scratchpay and other options for financing?

A few key things that set us apart from other options for your clients:

  • No hard credit check to see what they qualify for – this is different from most other options on the market.
  • Scratchpay is not a credit card product - we're a loan product. Diversifying the types of financial products a client has can ultimately be beneficial to one's credit score in the long term.
  • Some of the highest customer satisfaction in the game! Our Net Promoter Score (common measure of customer satisfaction) for your clients is higher than 95% of Fortune 500 companies!
  • Digital-first solution - no paperwork, no problems. Your client can manage their entire loan without paperwork or need to go out and purchase stamps to mail something to us.