Sharing ScratchPay

We’re happy and honored that you’d like to share the news about offering Scratchpay!

Having fun with promoting the program, both in your practice and online, will help potential clients find you, show your new clients why people love you, and provide comfort to your current clients, knowing that payment plans are available when their pet may need critical or urgent care.

physical materials

Having materials placed around your practice makes it easy for clients to apply for a plan quickly and discretely, and helps your team explain the program further through visuals. Let the materials do the talking first!

Across ThE Web

Tell your community, potential clients, new clients and loyal ones about your Scratchpay payment plans. The easiest (and best) place to do this is by sharing information on your website, social media and via email.

Other ways to share

Make sure new clients know that you offer Scratchpay payment plans right away by including a note on client documents and mentioning them in your on-hold messaging and in your TV messaging.