Here at Scratchpay, we believe in transparency and fairness to provide you with the best experience as the best pet parent around. Below you may view our application guidelines, APR terms, and benefits. When you’re ready to apply, hit the “Apply Now!” to see your options in just a few minutes.


what’s important in your application?

Scratchpay looks a number of factors when evaluating your profile. Some of our factors to consider are:

  • Credit score: we encourage our applicants to have above a 580 credit score for best chance of approval!

  • Your age: we love pet owners of all ages, but you must be at least 18 years old to apply

  • Current payment status with Scratchpay: if you have a prior plan with us, we like to see that you aren’t behind on payments for other Scratchpay accounts


Our Apr terms

Scratchpay currently offers individuals APRs, pursuant to state regulatory rate schedules.

APR is an “Annual Percentage Rate”, and our interest is non-compounding, meaning you always know exactly what you’re paying. We give you your constant monthly payment during the application process so you know the total payment and total interest.

An example: a $2000, 12 month plan with a 15% APR would be monthly payments $180.52 for 12 months.


What are the other benefits of scratchpay?

  • No hidden fees! We do not charge fees for prepayment fees, application fees, or any annual fees.

  • Easy-to-use app that allows you to set up Autopay and manage your plan.

  • Proactively plan for your pet’s savings via a new feature, Scratchpay Savings, coming soon! [join the wait list here]